Music-Informatics Research Group

Institute of Art History and Musicology of the Johannes Gutenberg University at Mainz

The Music-Informatics Research Group (Bereich Musikinformatik) is part of the Institute of Art History and Musicology. It deals with applications of computer science in musicology and media technology and represents this area in research and teaching. The research group was founded in 1991 by Dr. Frank Wankmüller. Since 1998 it is led by Dr. Albert Gräf.

What is Music-Informatics?

At the beginning of the 21st century, digital media technology and computers are finding their way into traditional disciplines in the Arts and Humanities. This is true in particular for the area of musicology, whose subject is one of the oldest media of all, music. The personal computer makes it easier than ever to apply methods of algorithmic composition, digital signal processing and musical analysis. Moreover, the computer is being used as a research and authoring tool, as a virtual recording studio, and in the synthesis of electronic sounds. The field of Music-Informatics a.k.a. Computer Music addresses the latest research topics and technological developments in this area at the intersection of computer science, mathematics, musicology and media technology. Interdisciplinary is key here!

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